Hyperbaric Chamber Benefits

The number of hyperbaric chamber benefits is large and covers a wide range of medical conditions. Lying in a hyperbaric chamber enables one to undergo hyperbaric oxygen therapy wherein oxygen, under pressure saturates the body’s red blood cells which then transport oxygen deeper into the body by means of various fluids such as the lymph, intestinal and cerebrospinal ones. The body’s growth and repair process is stimulated by this increase in oxygen. This therapy can be used alone or in conjunction with other therapies such as drug therapies to enhance their benefits. Hyperbaric chambers are operated by qualified and trained technicians who make the treatment safe, non-evasive and effective. Individuals often seek hyperbaric oxygen therapy when other alternative treatments have been exhausted.

Some of the hyperbaric chamber benefits include treatment of thermal burns, injuries from scuba diving, bone and tissue radiation burns caused by cancer therapy, premature death of cells, infections of soft tissues, and compromised skin grafts and flaps. Other hyperbaric chamber benefits include improved circulation and reduced swelling by enabling the oxygen in the blood to be distributed more freely. The body’s immune system can become more balanced and enhanced and the production of growth factors can be increased. Conditions related to vascular problems such as stroke, traumatic brain injury, diabetes and dementia induced by Alzheimer’s can also be helped. The therapy produced by a hyperbaric chamber enables mitochondria to burn fuel more efficiently which enables the body’s cells to produce proteins that are beneficial to the system.

The ability of the body to produce natural hormones and antioxidants as one ages is reduced. In addition, the lungs suffer from a reduced ability to absorb oxygen by between 40 and 60 percent. These changes in the body’s capabilities can lead to low oxygen tension and cause conditions which are chronic like osteoporosis, dementia and arthritis. Other hyperbaric chamber benefits include improving mental alertness thereby decreasing the risk of getting dementia, improving the ability of the immune system to ward off diseases, and increasing cellular metabolism.

One of the more controversial hyperbaric chambers is the improvement of cerebral palsy in children. Premature birth and poor circulation are often associated with cerebral palsy which can manifest itself by a delay in physical development caused by either high muscle tone or low muscle tone. These complications can be helped by the increased oxygen that gets dissolved in the blood plasma as a result of hyperbaric oxygen therapy. Children who have cerebral palsy and have undergone hyperbaric oxygen therapy show signs of increased alertness and concentration and improvements in verbal and non-verbal communications as well as better balance in walking and general overall reduced spasticity.

Children who have epilepsy are sometimes plagued by an impaired intelligence and unusual personality. The hyperbaric chamber benefits for those with this disease are controlling the epilepsy attacks and providing more oxygen to the brain and promoting the energy metabolism of cerebral cells. This, in turn, can prevent intelligence impairments and abnormal personalities from occurring, thereby decreasing the likelihood of mental disability.

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